Today Google Plus Is Celebrating First Birthday With 250 Million Lovers

Everyone know Google Plus was launched in June 28, 2011. So Google + is one year old and today Google+ wished itself a Happy 1st birthday. In this year I have made above 300 friends and had many wonderful conversations with people whom I would have never got to know had it not been for Google+. A big thanks and wishes to Google and all the awesome people I have come to know over the last year.


Interesting statistic about Google Plus:

  • 30th June 2011 Google+ launched
  • 23rd July 2011 Google+ hits 20 million users
  • 21st September 2011 Google+ opens to public
  • 13th October 2011 Google+ hits 40 million users
  • 27th December 2011 Google+ hits 62 million users
  • 19th January 2012 Google+ hits 90 million users
  • 1st February 2012 Google+ hits 100 million users
  • 12th April 2012 Google+ hits 170 million users
  • 30 June 2012, it have 250 million registered users[adsense]

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