The Top Ten Most Important, Informative And Very Useful Websites 2015

The internet is going to become more professional. It is a great environment in which to foster global collaboration on projects, the teachers and students find interesting things. The Internet is full of fun and have exciting websites. Students and teachers from across the world can become and get an advantage. Following are Top Ten the most important and most useful websites have been submitted.Most Important And Very Useful Websites 2015

1- Wikipedia (Information and Reference Areas):
Wikipedia is a wealth of knowledge, which is written in collaboration with his readers of all kinds of information on various subjects and readers may at any time modify specific page.

2- About (Information):
If internet access is very easy, but it is not known whether this is accurate and updated, is a daunting task. This website has made it fairly easy to difficult, short and accurate information on where each article of everyday life easily can find small tips.

3- Weather (Season):
You can see all major cities of the world live and updated weather, along with forecasts for the next several days.

4- Dictionary (Dictionary and Reference Areas):
The world’s finest collection of dictionaries, the meaning of each word in one place can be viewed from different dictionaries.

5- Answers (Information and Reference Areas):
If you have a question, then you can get the answer from this website. Millions of answers to the questions asked, his articles can be viewed easily. It is the best website about Your problems and their solution.[adsense]

6- Pub Med (Health, Medical):
More than seventeen million of research papers, free and reliable source of medical information related to the medical field, the best source of information for people.

7- XE (Information of Currency exchange rates):
Over one hundred countries of the world currency exchange rates can be found easily. World’s oldest and largest currency Web site, With current rates of different countries which have historical records.

8- Reverso (Spell Check, Dictionary and Translation):
Most European countries and the Chinese language in other languages Translation, Spell Check and translation services, along with web page translation feature, Unfortunately there is no reliable site available for Urdu Language Translation.

9- How Stuff Works (Information and Technology):
Since the human brain to mobile phone, from car engines to search the site for thousands of articles covering the world of the Internet is a great place. For the general public, expert and professional people is the source of knowledge. So students must search this site.

10- Nation Master (Geography):
All countries worldwide information, education, industry, economy, currency and all sorts of details. Unfortunately, not update information about Pakistan. Perhaps this is due to the incompetence of Pakistan’s Statistics Bureau, however, in other countries, such information can be found.

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