The Top 25 Live Streaming Statistics And Trends For 2022
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Live streaming apps provide a creative outlet for influencers all over the world to connect with their followers and enhance engagement. Since algorithms of popular social media apps like Facebook and Instagram have evolved to rank engagement as one of the highest quality metrics, streaming apps can be extremely helpful for influencers. Live content consumes 23% of worldwide viewing time, while on-demand material consumes the remaining 77%. If you are looking for a streaming app that can support your social media engagement goals, visit to learn more about the best streaming tools.

Below are some of the most surprising statistics related to live streaming:

  1. By 2023, the live streaming market is estimated to reach $25 billion. The live streaming market in the United States was estimated to be worth $6 billion in 2020. According to Coresight Research, it is predicted to reach $11 billion by the end of 2021.
  2. By 2022, Chinese live commerce sales are estimated to reach a total of $423 billion. In China, live streaming e-commerce has developed into a cutting-edge sales channel in less than five years.
  3. In June 2020, 309 million Chinese people (almost a third of the country’s internet users) viewed live streaming sales events. This represents a 16.7% increase over March of the previous year.
  4. Nearly a quarter of all screen time is spent viewing live content. Live content accounts for only 23% of global viewing time, while on-demand material accounts for 77%.
  5. In the United States, 42% of people have seen live-streamed entertainment; that’s roughly half of the population of the United States.
  6. 44% of viewers claim they watch less TV because of live streaming. Live streaming platforms have been slowly stealing market share from traditional television for the last few years.
  7. On-demand video creates 27% more minutes of watch time per watching than live content.
  8. In 2021, live streaming increased by 13%. In 2021’s second quarter, live streaming had increased by 13% over the same period the previous year.
  9. Since the outbreak, about a quarter of US web users has been viewing more live streaming.
  10. The introduction of Covid-19 vaccinations signals a return to normalcy. Despite this, the video game business, as well as gaming video content, is expected to continue to develop.
  11. By 2027, the worldwide live streaming business is expected to be worth more than $247 billion.
  12. Twitch, one of the most popular live-streaming networks, has a daily user base of 30 million people. Twitch has more than 7 million unique users that stream live every month.
  13. Gaming and esports account for 54 percent of live streaming content. The entertainment business accounts for about 17% of the total.
  14. Social media sites are already developing purchasing capabilities in their various live streaming features, inspired by China’s ecommerce live streaming success.
  15. During the pandemic, Bloomingdale’s conducted more than 50 shoppable live broadcast events. It was discovered that this is the most effective technique to reach clients when they are at home.
  16. In one category, YouTube and Facebook, which also offer live streaming, are ahead of Twitch. Hours watched per hour streaming falls within this category.
  17. 52 percent of live video watchers use social media to watch content.
  18. Twitch accounted for 6.51 billion of the total hours watched on all streaming platforms in the third quarter.
  19. During the pandemic, 24% of individuals aged 16 to 64 viewed live streaming.
  20. Younger people use streaming services for gaming, whereas older people use streaming services for other entertainment categories.
  21. Right now, almost 2.5 million people are watching Twitch.
  22. Only 32% of YouTube viewers use the platform to watch live stream content.
  23. In just one year, the number of hours viewed on Facebook Gaming has nearly tripled.
  24. Twitch’s audience gender distribution is substantially less even than that of other social media sites. Males account for almost two-thirds of the audience.
  25. Riot Games is the most popular live streaming platform.

While this indicates that live video is not yet as popular as on-demand video, it is nevertheless astounding and demonstrates how quickly and astoundingly the live streaming industry has progressed.