The Revolution In the Internet world Is Coming, Browsing Speed Will Be Increased 50 Times From Current Speed

Soon internet lovers will be able to use browsing speed increase fifty times from current speed. Internet Engineering Steering Group “IESG” using the Internet Protocol has adopted the new web Protocol. Soon it will also be started, as a result, the Internet browsing speed will be increased fifty times from the current speed. Experts say that, this update is the biggest update in the last fifteen years.HTTP2 protocol

The time to access any website, Hyper Text Transfer Protocol “HTTP” is used, and whenever the browser’s address is listed on the website, then at the beginning of “HTTP” is written automatically. However, HTTP/2 protocol has been approved, it will begin soon to implement the process.[adsense]Experts say to develop this protocol, the use of this Internet will revolutionize the world. Through this web site will load very quickly, and security issues will also be improved. This new protocol based on Google’s “SPDY” is founded on the technology. Which has been used for many years, and initially own Google Chrome browser will be used the new HTTP/2 protocol.