The Next Generation Wireless Mobile Charging Project 2017

Now you can charge mobile without wire connection. Just plug adapter into power socket & place your mobile on its pad. Charging will begin. Nowadays, technology has made electronic accessories into wireless, just like telephones replace as mobile phones. Similarly, for charge up mobile phones we had to place it with charger. Moreover, performing important assignment is being affected due to this problem. Here, we have a good news for all regular users of mobile phones that they will still continuous their jobs while charging their mobile / cell phones.Wireless Mobile Charging System

Wireless Mobile Charging System:
This system describes concept of wireless mobile charging. The system allows user to wirelessly charge his mobile phone without plugging in the mobile adapter. We demonstrate the system using a charging pad where user just needs to place his adapter circuit to charge the mobile phone. For this purpose, we utilize the advanced power transfer concept. We required a high frequency transformer for converting Mains input voltage 230V AC to 12 V DC. This output will supply to the charging pad coil. The basic theme of this system is as when adapter coil comes in range of charging pad coil, the power will transfer wirelessly to receiving coil. 12 V DC will provide to adapter circuit which is used for reducing 12 V DC to 5V DC. At last, 5V then supplied to the mobile phone. So this allows us to charge the mobile phone wirelessly without plugging it in.

Further Enhancement:
The system can be further enhanced by integrating the charging adapter within mobile itself so that user just needs to place his/her mobile phone on the charging pad to charge it.[adsense]

Block Diagram:Wireless Mobile Charging System (2)What’s Required: 
1- High Frequency Transformer
2- Two air filled inductor coils
3- Rectifier
4- Transistors
5- High Frequency diodes
6- Voltage regulator

Connect 220 volt as input. Converter will step down it to 12 Volt. Now connect as per block diagram all elements listed above (HF Transformer > Air filled inductor coils > Rectifier > Transistors > HF diodes > voltage Regulator). Now after making connections as block diagram, just put your mobile on charging pad. Your will see that charging will begins without any wire connection.