Create Better Presentations With This Free Online PDF To PowerPoint Tool

The way people do business has changed a lot over the last two decades. With internet gaining in popularity, the whole world became much closer and a new era of work had started. As the technology evolved, many things have changed in our work life as well. However, one of the biggest differences can be seen in the way we exchange information with our clients. To be more specific the way we are preparing and holding our presentations.Free online PDF to Powerpoint converter

Not so long ago, if you wanted to prepare any kind of presentation you had to go over a lot of tasks. Essentially, the entire preparation lasted for days and it involved various things like researching and compiling your information and preparing the actual talk.

Sounds easy enough?
Well, the difficult task here was the exact preparation. Just think about it: all your information, graphics, charts, and general data had to be drawn down on a Flipchart and presented in front of people. With the introduction of PowerPoint, this entire process completely changed.

But why stop with PowerPoint? As the evolution of business never stops, neither should the evolution of business tools. Nowadays, most of the text and graphics that we use for creating PPT presentations are in PDF, since it’s the most used format worldwide. And since PDF cannot be edited easily, you would have a hard time manually retyping your PDF document into a PowerPoint design. That can be exhausting, to say the least.

Luckily for all of us, Investintech created a free online at PDF to Powerpoint converter that helps you transfer your PDFs into editable .pptx files. And it does that in three simple steps:[adsense]

1) Select a PDF file that you would like to convert.
2) Type the email address to which the converted file will be delivered to.
3) Press the Start button and you will receive an email with a link to your converted file.Free online PDF to Powerpoint converter (2)

What is amazing with this tool is that the PDF will be converted to PowerPoint whilst keeping the exact formatting of the source document, meaning less time for preparing the data and more time for you to prepare the talk. Also, guarantees all your files will be deleted from the servers after 24 hours, due to obvious security concerns.

With tools like this PDF to PowerPoint converter, you are saving yourself a lot of work and redacting a few hours from your project. Even more, this tool is doing almost everything for you. What remains is the “easier” part of performing on stage, but we are confident that you can handle that as well.