The 10 Most In-Demand Medical Careers

Did you know that the medical field employs over 18 million people? It’s the fastest-growing sector of the United States financial system.

If you’ve been considering medical careers, you’ve found the perfect article. We’ll tell you which careers in the medical field are most in demand and what people in those careers do.

When you think of medical field careers, you probably think of doctors, surgeons, or maybe dentists. However, those aren’t your only options to choose from.

Below are ten of the best medical careers in high demand right now.

1. Medical Billing

Medical billing is the business of generating healthcare claims to submit to insurance companies. These claims are followed to ensure the organization gets paid for its services. An experienced medical biller can optimize revenue performance for their healthcare organization.

To work with a medical billing company, you should pursue certification. Though not required, it will provide you with the necessary training for the job. It also increases your chances of being hired.

2. Dietitian

A dietitian is an expert on food and nutrition and can meet the requirements to be certified.

Dietitians work with people who need to improve their diet for health-related reasons such as diabetes. They also work with people who want to lose weight but are struggling.

Dietitians work with people to help them understand their needs and formulate a meal plan. They can also give nutrition education in classroom or office settings.

3. Medical and Health Services Manager

Medical and health services managers are also called healthcare administrators. They may manage an entire facility or just one area of said facility. It is the job of healthcare administrators to plan, direct, and coordinate services.

Some healthcare administrators work closely with doctors, surgeons, and nurses. Others may do more by interacting with patients and their families.

As administrators, these employees have many responsibilities. To become a healthcare administrator, you should have a bachelor’s or master’s degree in a healthcare-related field.

4. Registered Nurse

Registered nurses are responsible for a vast majority of the nursing care that takes place in offices, clinics, and hospitals. Apart from providing care, they also coordinate care and give information and emotional support to patients’ families.

In addition to responsibilities to patients, registered nurses also often act as a liaison between the patient or their families and other medical staff.

Registered nurses are a crucial part of the healthcare industry and are always in demand.

5. Midwife

Midwives often work closely with OB/GYN physicians. They are the primary caretaker for pregnant women and give necessary supervision before and after labor.

Nurse-midwives assess and diagnose patients, conducting diagnostic tests to do so. They also develop and provide treatment plans.

In addition to caring for pregnant and postpartum mothers, they can also conduct annual medical exams for women. As women always have pregnancies, it’s safe to say midwives will always be needed.

6. MRI Technologist

An MRI technologist is in charge of operating MRI equipment to perform scans on different parts of the body. They also prepare and monitor the patient and review the scans to ensure that every detail is captured and none are missed.

As a result of these responsibilities, MRI technologists work closely with doctors to diagnose a wide variety of conditions that people develop.

7. Physical Therapist

After they sustain an injury or go through illness, a physical therapist is responsible for helping their patient recover mobility and function. This is done by a series of stretches and exercises, which also help reduce pain.

A physical therapist is also responsible for consulting with patients and teaching them the necessary exercises. In addition, a physical therapist will provide therapeutic massages to the area where the injury occurred. Though they aren’t as thought of as doctors, this career is certainly in high demand.

8. Pharmacist

A pharmacist is responsible for handing out prescription medication to medical facilities and patients. They review prescriptions for accuracy and work with professionals to plan and monitor a drug plan for their patients.

Pharmacists make sure none of the patient’s medication interacts badly with each other. They also evaluate how a patient reacts to a given drug.

In addition, many pharmacists will recommend over-the-counter medication to their patients to treat or manage symptoms.

9. Physician Assistant

Physician assistants and nurse practitioners have very similar duties and training. As such, they often work together in an office or clinic.

A physician’s assistant is responsible for diagnosing injuries, examining patients, and administering treatments. Physician assistants are often supervised by a doctor or surgeon.

10. Occupational Therapist

While physical therapists and occupational therapists share similarities, they are different. Physical therapists help increase mobility and function.

On the other hand, an occupational therapist helps patients restore abilities and skills so they may return to work or their daily lives. They primarily assist patients with neurological conditions but can also help following a major accident.

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