Sugar Dating: The Reality Behind The Fantasies

Sugar dating is a practice that is rapidly gaining popularity in Spain, in which sugar daddies, who are usually male, get the company of a girl who is usually younger. It is a kind of win-win relationship where the man can be accompanied on dates by an educated and attractive woman and where she can achieve greater economic solvency.

There is a wide variety of platforms that deal with sugar dating; among them is sugar daddy seek, a new website that has introduced the culture of sugar dating in our country and that today contains a blog with more information on this topic of speech World Hispanic. According to its Webmaster, it is a space that tries to offer the perfect setting for men and women to obtain what they want practically and safely. This website has more than 4,500 users, the vast majority of whom are university girls who come to meet businessmen and economically solvent men.

What is sugar dating

In essence, it consists of dating between a sugar daddy and a sugar baby, once they meet through a digital platform based on this type of practice, both decide according to a prior agreement (where she accepts some type of compensation offered by him) go on a date, go on a trip or share time together for a certain time and under specific conditions.

Given the figure of the Sugar Daddy’s, Spain is one of the countries that has had a large number of subscriptions to websites of this style. There are many men who seek company and attention from attractive women. For instance, men who want to feel connected with a woman and enjoy sexy cam model communication and erotic video chat rather than an in-person experience can now watch live freecams for the ultimate cam to cam experience.

Main features

There are many doubts that arise around the subject and the occasional blog of this type talks about this topic. On the other hand, some people see it as disguised prostitution, while for those who make up this world, it is an alternative to finding a person with whom to share and enjoy a pleasant moment. Some people enjoy the idea of a casual hook-up using free local sex apps, and in reality, that is how the world of dating is today. Almost all younger couples that you will see have met on some form of an online platform.

Among the most outstanding aspects on the subject, the following points should be highlighted:

Sex is not sold: at no time is the objective of this type of platform to sell sex, it is simply about connecting people with specific needs so that they can meet and share under very clear agreements.

An agreement between adults: the reality of these types of agreements is that they are serious negotiations, where both parties make clear what they want, what they expect to happen and what they are willing to give and receive as a result of said negotiation.

No scams: one of the fundamental requirements is to be totally transparent, fake profiles or men who try to deceive the sugar babies in any way are not allowed.

They are not escorts: none of the platforms admit women with an escort profile, it is not about selling sex, it is about establishing conscious relationships for certain periods of time, sharing time and interests with the other person. If you are looking for a porn star escort London (or in your local area) then try websites catered to these interactions.

There is no false moralism: in the face of strong criticism from some people, this is not intended to fall into moralistic issues, it is not about defining and interacting under socially established moralistic codes, but about offering a service and attending to a market that demands it.

What is a sugar daddy

All over the world there are wealthy businessmen with thousands of occupations, shy, busy and even insecure men who want to meet a woman who can be with them, share with them and represent them in their hectic world. These types of men are called sugar daddies.

It is not about men looking to “buy” women but about finding a woman with whom they can have an affinity, and common interests and who can somehow repay them for their time and company.

These types of men do not have the chance to find sincere women who can be with them in a genuine way, that’s why they go to these platforms, to be able to find women just as they imagine their ideal woman. Also see how to find a sugar daddy on Twitter.

What is a sugar baby

For their part, sugar babies are young, attractive, intelligent women who generally need to cover their studies or seek a better quality of life through profitable sources of income and are encouraged to join these platforms.

The difference with these women is that they offer complete experiences, time to share, listen and attend to their sugar daddies. Establish a type of rational relationship in which both know very well what they want and are willing to fulfill it responsibly.

Find the right person

The biggest challenge of sugar dating is precisely focused on finding people who have very well-defined what they want and who are also willing to comply with the agreements established between both parties.

It is very easy to buy sex and have a quick encounter with anyone, but with sugar dating it is something much deeper and more delicate, where you must have a high level of maturity in order to obtain the expected results. These two terms must be well-defined and clear so as not to fall into misunderstandings.