Spotmau PowerSuite Is The Most Awesome Tool That You Will Ever Use

Spotmau PowerSuite is a most awesome toolkit. Who want to manage own PC because they provide all essential utilities for every PC owner. This is an everyday tool set for PC maintenance and optimization. This is also an emergency kit for rescuing and recovering your precious data and system. With the help of this Suite you can almost solve all your PC problems. Using its boot utility You can boot up any computer, fix and install Windows and optimize or speed up your system. Clean up history and protect your privacy also recover data and passwords. Very easy partition and format the hard drive and clone or backup your system. Running without problem in all Microsoft Windows XP 32/64bit, Windows 2003 32/64bit, Windows Vista 32/64bit or Windows 7 32/64bit.Spotmau

Main Features:

  • Boot Up Any Computer
  • Rapidly Rescue Crashed Computer or Hard Drive
  • Super Data Rescue Package
  • Clone Entire Hard Drive or Partition
  • Backup and Restore Files and System
  • Partition, Format and Clean up Your Hard Drive
  • 1-Click 360° PC Health Check
  • Diagnose and Fix Registry Errors and System Errors
  • Optimize, Clean & Speed Up Your System
  • Clean Up or Hide Your Private Stuff On Your PC
  • Build “Personal Safe” for Sensitive Data
  • Find / Reset Password & Key [adsense]

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