South Korea & US has Introduced 5G Mobile Phone Network Technology

5G Mobile Phone Network Technology

The creation of the latest 5G technology on mobile phone network was a long run, and in this regard many companies started making mobile phones too. South Korea, USA, China and Japan were working together on the 5G technology. America and South Korea were ahead of other countries working on this technology, and the US was announced to introduce this technology till the end of 2018.5G Mobile Phone Network Technology

However, other countries, including the US, failed to introduce 5G technology until 2018. But now at the same time South Korea and America introduced this fastest technology in the world. However, both countries have controversy over the introduction of the 5G technology in the same day.[adsense]
US companies AT & T and Verizon claim they introduced the technology first. On the other hand, South Korea claims that they introduced the first 5G technology. News agency ‘AFP’ reported that South Korea introduced the first Wi-Fi technology. Just 2 hours after the introduction of the 5G technology from South Korea, US companies AT & T and Verizon introduced this technology in limited areas.

South Korean officials announced last week that within a week, the benefits of technology will introduce the technology. South Korea introduced 5G technology on 3April 2019, after 2 hours, American companies also introduced this technology. From South Korea, instead of limited areas, 5G technology was introduced to everyone on a commercial basis.

It is now being considered after the introduction of 5G technology in South Korea and the United States, that soon, other countries will introduce this technology.