Do Gaming Chairs Help Posture?

Do Gaming Chairs Help Posture

In today’s world, prolonged sitting is not something unusual. Some people actually spend the best part of their day sitting at work. For instance, secretaries and receptionists are some of the professionals that sit for many hours. Then there are the gamers. Secretlab Titan review for passionate gamer can tell you how difficult they find it to get off their seats once they start playing. Plus, most of the video games are played when seated. Due to their love for the video games, they end up spending hours on the chair as they play.Do Gaming Chairs Help Posture

But is sitting for a long period of time dangerous? Yes, it is very unhealthy. The main area that is affected when you are used to sitting for many hours is your posture. This could be more dangerous if you had a preexisting condition. You may develop common disorders like lower back pain, which might force you to see a chiropractor. Are you already experiencing some back pain? Is it because of the long sitting hours or something else? Here is when it is necessary to see a chiropractor.

How Does Long Sitting Hours Affect You?

You can’t deny that you have once spent the whole day sitting as you play your games. Even if you haven’t, you know someone who can do that. Whether it is you or your ‘friend,’ you should know that it can have some serious effects in the long run. The negative impacts of long sitting hours are cumulative. In other words, it can start slowly and end up becoming a serious condition.
You may not feel pain in the first few days. And even if you don’t feel that pain, it doesn’t mean that you are fine.

When you sit for a very long time in the same position, it can cause heart disease, diabetes, obesity, and a poor posture. Yes, long sitting hours don’t only cause a bad posture, but it can also make you gain weight. Doing this also affects your immune system. Your inactivity and immobility make the body weak and susceptible to diseases. It will affect your spine and also trigger inflammation in the joints.

The most affected areas when you sit for many hours are the neck and back. You can also develop chronic pain, osteoporosis, and hypertension as a result of sitting for many hours. And worst of all, prolonged sitting can trigger the risks of developing colon cancer, lung cancer, and uterine cancer.[adsense]

Generally, here is a summary of what you will experience when you sit for long hours:

  • Poor blood circulation. When you sit with a poor posture, there will be a limited flow of blood. On the other hand, poor blood circulation can lead to the development of varicose veins.
  • Muscle and joint pain. This is the most common effect of long sitting hours with poor posture. Doing so will put too much pressure on joints and muscles. Here, your muscle and joints will strain to work hard to get back in position. That is why you will experience chronic pain in specific parts of the body.
  • Depression. Research shows that poor posture is correlated to a negative emotional state. For example, it has been proven that a person who sits upright tend to be more confident, alert, and positive. But those who slouch will look negative, lazy, and less confident.

What’s the Solution?

Okay, sitting can be good to relax your body from long walking or standing hours. But prolonged sitting is not good at all. Some people suggest that you should take intervals between your sitting hours. For instance, some advise that you should break every one hour and walk around the house or office. However, this remedy doesn’t eliminate possible health disorders.

The main problem is always with the chair. If the chair is not well designed, you will still have some back pains even if you walk between 60 minutes as you sit. So, what could be the solution? You already guessed it. The answer to this is finding a good chair.

Luckily, there are unique gaming chairs that have been specifically designed for passionate gamers.

The gaming chairs are ergonomically designed to be used for a long time without compromising your posture. For instance, these Gaming Chairs  are very different from the regular office chairs.

How Do Gaming Chairs Help?

First off, it is important to acknowledge that these chairs have been specifically designed for the gamers that spend many hours seated. Nonetheless, don’t try to replace a well-padded office chair with the gaming chair.

The gaming chair will support your lower back, which is the part that holds the upper part of the body when you sit. If you sit for a long time, the upper back will put excessive pressure on the lower back, which is why you will experience some pain after a while. So, the gaming chair will support the lower back, upper back, neck, shoulders, arms, and hips.

With the gaming chair, you can be confident of having a reliable seat that will support your upper body accordingly. It also helps to put the bones, muscles, and organs in the right position hence giving you a good posture. You should check the best gaming chair reviews to know which gaming chairs are the best.

You will have your head in the correct position, which will eliminate the strain in the neck. The chair also helps to align the spine, which will eliminate the back pain gradually. The hips will also be in the right position, which lets you sit comfortably for a long time.

Remember that the main problem is not sitting for a long time, but sitting on the wrong chair for a long time. But if you have a good gaming chair, you’ll be good to go. But that doesn’t mean that you should not move at all just because you have an ergonomic gaming chair.

Check out these tips to help you use the gaming chair properly and avoid any possible back pain. Don’t forget to test the gaming chair before you purchase it.