Soluto is a Next Generation Online Anti-Frustration Tool to Resolve All Your PC Problems

Soluto is a great application for speeding up boot time performance of your computer. You can connect its online community, they read your frustrating moments and give you best solutions to resolve your all system problems. Soluto will give you power of a whole community of PC users to help enhance your computing experience. Using Soluto you can analyzes the resources consumed by each process started and results, where the running programs are divided into groups. Then you can decide whether to stop or remove a specific service from the boot.

Main Features and Requirements:

1- The greatest software for making your PC faster.
2- Monitor and tweak your boot process.
3- Required to install .NET Framework to run this application.
4- Must require Internet connection for this software.
5- Always your PC up-to-date with silent software updates.
6- Pick hardware problems and tell you real time.
7- Customize your default browser, homepage, and search engine.
8- Defrag and clear disk space to keep things running smooth and fast.
9- Compatible with Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7 and win 8 (32bit and 64bit).[adsense]

It’s free and I would recommend it to everyone. Sign up and download and install free Soluto agent from :