Find a Position of Your Web Site and Get More Traffic Using Free Monitor For Google Tool

This is an awesome free SEO software for web ranking. If you want to make new website and published it to Google then this tool will be best for you. With the help of this you can search your keyword and find what position you are on Google, because you cannot search hundreds and hundreds of pages manually. Also it is a good for webmasters and SEO specialists to monitor your Google position accurately. Supported operating systems are Windows 98/2000/XP/Vista and Windows 7.

Main Features:

1- Google Monitor supports over 50 countries.
2- It can work through a proxy and supports multiple URLs.
3- Provide you results to CSV and imports keywords from a text file.
4- Goggle Monitor supports Unicode and works via the Google Web API 1.
5- Google Monitor shows you a position of your site by your target keywords.

Current update version is dated December 12, 2011 and size 1.45 Mb.
Free download from CleverStat’s official website :