Social Media Marketing or SEO, Which One is Better for Your Brand?

With the increasing number of modern marketing techniques, which one is more effective has arisen.

Social Media Marketing and SEO are two of the most influential and helpful marketing techniques. Since both require loads of effort and hard work for effective results, it is tough to judge which is more effective for the business. 

While one helps you improve your SERP appearance, the other, social media marketing, helps you reach out to a global audience just by a click. 

Although both the techniques have their advantages and disadvantages, it has been observed that most people tend to prefer SEO over social media marketing. However, to build an optimum marketing plan, both techniques are advised by experts in SEO in Gold Coast


SEO is the process of improving the reach of the traffic by enhancing the quality of the visibility of the business over the SERP. It requires proper planning as well as knowledge about the same before its application on the business.

Social media marketing is a technique used in marketing plans to build relationships and brand awareness using social media platforms. It is one of the most modern techniques used in the marketing process by social media agencies.

To determine which technique is more suitable for your business, consideration of both advantages and disadvantages associated with both of them is necessary. A few of such advantages and disadvantages are mentioned below:

Advantages of SEO

  1. It helps you improve credibility and build trust in the eyes of customers and various search engines. 
  2. It draws organic traffic by maintaining a high-quality website.
  3. SEO is a continuous process. Hence, it provides you with a 24×7 promotion opportunity. 
  4. SEO helps you set up authority in your niche. However, this is possible only when a good strategy is combined with great content. 

Disadvantages of SEO

  1. Considering the involvement of a specific team that could carry out the process, SEO is an expensive process. And hiring an expert agency for SEO in Gold Coast can cost you a lot of bucks. 
  2. You cannot witness the results of the SEO process instantly. It takes around 4 to 6 months to show accurate results. 
  3. As SEO involves backlinks, a risk of being penalized for using low-quality ones is always present. With more firm search engine crawlers, one needs to surely avoid the low-quality ones as it can lead to a permanent ban on your website. 

Advantages of SMM

  1. SMM World is the best way to reach out to a global audience; you can do so by posting blogs or images or updating your status.
  2. With each account having a personalized messaging facility, social media marketing helps you to interact with your consumers on a ground level.
  3. Social media marketing helps you build brand loyalty to a great extent. 

Disadvantages of SMM

  1. There is a high risk of negative publicity when you opt for social media marketing.
  2. If more than one person handles your social media account, there is a risk of having a dilute brand voice. This is because two minds never think alike. 

Final Take

It is important to consider both advantages and disadvantages associated with both methods before applying them. This helps you know about their accuracy or effectiveness and helps you understand which one of them is better for your business. 

Considering the cost involved in carrying out the process is also important as organic SEO in Gold Coast will not cost you a lot, but social media marketing might.