Seven Mobile Phone Apps Should Be Necessary In Our Daily Life

You live in a modern world, where the phone is an important part of your life. This is your watch. That’s your primary computer, your calendar and this is also your entertainment. But you should know how to be better for your daily tasks and view information. Do you think it is necessary for the selection of apps. Facebook, Twitter, Gmail and other apps you will soon have many common, but must be in Pakistan, which apps users of Android smartphones, I want to┬átell you.Seven Mobile Phone Apps

1- iQuran Lite:
Mostly Quran applications, the text are in Arabic letters. Which is not only difficult to read for those who live in Pakistan, but also India. This is a special version in Urdu translation. Click to install the app.

2- Muslim Pro Prayer Times, Quran:
The world’s most popular Android app. Complete Quran with recitation and translation, prayer leaders, Islamic Hijri calendar, the nearest mosques and halal restaurant addresses, prayers and reminders of all prayer times. This is a complete app for you. After installing, you will be truly blessed.
Click to install the app.

3- Rekhta:
There is not a better app Urdu literature. “Rekhta” a world of Urdu poetry and literature. Urdu, Hindi and Roman courtyard full of large and important poets of Urdu in three languages are not easy to see in the app, such as the number of books that. The most interesting thing is that every word that just keep a finger on it in this great literary repertoire, its meaning will be in front of you. Click to install the app.

4- Urdu Lughat:
“Urdu Lughat” is an excellent app keep meaning more than one million words. The contradictory words and synonyms, pronunciation and payment, idioms and proverbs, and a lot of words we can get through this application. Click to install the app.[adsense]

5- CricNama:
All about cricket, not just news, but also with moving their reviews, comments, game details and history is full Urdu app. I want to read about Pakistan’s most famous game in the country’s main language, you must install this app. Click to install the app.

6- SwiftKey Keyboard:
If you want to write Urdu on your Android phone, install this keyboard. It will solve all your problems. Imagine that this app itself is more than five million downloads, can so many people be so wrong? Click to install the app.

7- TuneIn Radio:
Radio, not only local, a place in an app, national and worldwide. This app is a wonderful creature who has entered a world of radio. If you have lost any program there is a possibility that you will find and you can hear it in their spare time. If you do not have the mobile FM radio app must keep. Well, this app on Android Play Store has been downloaded more than 10 million times. Click to install the app.