Recent Trends in Gaming Technology


The world of gambling has changed drastically from what it was even twenty years ago. Casino operators constantly improve their services keeping pace with the recent developments in computer technology and conceptual advances of marketing strategies. Eventually, they began to shower their customers with an infinite variety of casino monthly bonuses and lucrative promotion programs on an ongoing basis to ensure that the players stay with them and keep playing as actively as possible.

Here, we shall describe the latest trends in gaming technology intended to keep the customers satisfied and ensure their commitment and loyalty.

Online and Mobile Gaming

Statistics reveal a considerable decrease in the number of players visiting brick-and-mortar venues in the last twenty years. At the same time, virtual gambling activity has increased sharply, both on computers and mobile devices. Besides the general tendency to prefer the internet in business and leisure, many casinos began to move online because of the increased taxation and the prohibition of smoking in public places.

Online gaming provided significant advantages over traditional physical venues. The technological options became more convenient and diverse, including both playing and payment methods. Besides, one no longer depended on the physical proximity of a casino. Gambling became possible from any location on the sole condition of a stable Wi-Fi connection.

With the advent of HTML5 technology, casinos could go one step further by providing mobile apps for playing from one’s smartphones and other mobile devices. Not only were the players free from the physical venues, but now, they did not even need a computer or, in fact, an Internet connection at all. Besides making it possible to play anywhere at any time, it saved time too: you only had to get your phone out of your pocket and open the app.

Diverse Bonuses and Promotions

One of the consequences of the gaming industry relocating to the internet and further onto mobile devices was a sharp increase in the number of operators, which has made the competition among them quite hard to win. Striving to keep their existing customers and attract new ones, casinos began to offer all sorts of generous rewards for playing on their sites.

To begin with, they provided various welcome bonuses to reward newbies for making their first deposits. Later, they started offering signup bonuses and free spins even before the players had made any deposits at all.

Enhanced Privacy and Security

However, going online and mobile has also increased the risk of players falling victims to hacking and other malicious intent. Online casinos had to exert considerable effort to improve their security systems, which they have done by applying the most advanced SSL encryption technologies. Consequently, mobile gambling has become a safer experience than its traditional counterpart too.

Parallel to the increasing sophistication of the casinos’ security systems, the online gaming operators have also been striving to provide their customers with an ever-increasing level of privacy of both playing and payment transactions. With the invention of e-wallets and virtual currencies, it had become possible to guarantee almost absolute privacy when players could remain completely anonymous throughout the entire process.

CRM Software

The latest advances in computer technology have also made it possible to bring the CRM techniques to a fundamentally new level of sophistication and help online gaming operators improve their data analysis. That has enabled online casinos to increase their levels of customer satisfaction and retention to a considerable degree.

The CRM software analyses the player’s performance on the site to help predict his future behaviour, select the most appropriate rewards to suit his particular needs and preferences and identify the most profitable customers that the casino should exert the most effort to retain.

Besides, it helps make the service more personalised, which significantly contributes to customer satisfaction and retention at the end of the day. This technology also enables a more precise and sophisticated analysis of the general performance of a casino to indicate its particularly profitable sectors and potentially counterproductive features.

Furthermore, this technology enhances a casino’s overall efficiency by integrating its gaming operation with its accounting and legal departments, service distributors, social networks and customer support. For these reasons, virtually all reputable online gaming providers have begun to use CRM software by now.

Artistic Designs

Finally, casinos have begun to apply the most extraordinary artistic designs that the recent technological advances have made possible. The involvement of a personal live dealer combined with the most realistic 3D effects has compensated for the loss of the social function that relocation to the internet has inevitably produced.

The bright colours, irregular shapes and incredible animation have made the gambling experience more gripping than it has ever been, turning online gaming into a fascinating immersion in the world of virtual reality, considerably improving a casino’s customer retention in the meantime.


The gambling industry has undergone considerable transformation in the last twenty years. The mobile apps, variety of bonuses and payment methods, 3D animation, CRM software and encryption technology have brought virtual gaming to an incredible level of technological and artistic sophistication. And we are yet to see what the casinos’ efforts to ensure their players’ loyalty and commitment will produce in the days to come.