PicWish Your One-Stop Photo Editor

PicWish has established itself as a widely recognized photo background remover editor, renowned for its exceptional versatility in handling diverse image types. Whether you’re working with product shots, portraits, cars, animals, or any graphics, PicWish will ensure to remove background in just 3 seconds. Powered by sophisticated AI, it effortlessly manages even the most intricate backgrounds, saving you valuable time, effort, and resources.

But PicWish isn’t just limited to being a photo background remover; it has evolved into a comprehensive photo editor, making it your go-to solution for all your editing needs. Experience the convenience of a one-stop photo editing tool that not only removes backgrounds with precision but also offers a myriad of features to enhance and perfect your images. PicWish is your all-in-one solution for efficient and professional photo editing.

AI Background Generator

PicWish allows you to effortlessly create realistic AI backgrounds for your subjects, providing studio-quality photos that enhance engagement. This tool swiftly generates AI backgrounds without requiring any professional skills from you.

Photo Colorizer

Revitalize your old black and white photos by adding vibrant colors with PicWish. Utilizing advanced AI image coloring algorithms, PicWish seamlessly transforms your vintage photos with natural and realistic hues. Best of all, this colorization feature is available for free online, allowing you to try it out and witness the results for yourself.

Image Compressor

Effortlessly compress your large-sized images without compromising their original quality using PicWish. Our platform allows you to reduce image sizes in various formats such as JPG, JPEG, BMP, WebP, and more. Experience the best AI compression, ensuring minimal distortion and preserving the integrity of your images.

Image Enlarger

Enhance your photos with automatic upscaling up to 2x or 4x without any loss in quality. PicWish now incorporates cutting-edge AI deep learning technology, seamlessly adjusting lines, colors, and tones to ensure optimal results for enlarged photos.

Image to Text

Transform your images into text effortlessly with PicWish. Our image text feature allows you to extract text from your images with just a click. Supporting various formats like JPG, JPEG, PNG, BMP, GIF, and more, PicWish’s OCR tool can handle 25 languages, ensuring at least 98% accuracy in the results.

AI Art Generator

Experience the power of our AI art generator, capable of producing stunning images based on your descriptions. Simply convey what you want, and watch it come to life instantly. Our innovative tool combines advanced AI algorithms, allowing you to specify details such as style, color palette, and subject matter for a personalized and unique artistic creation.

Photo Enhancer

Instantly sharpen your blurry photos with PicWish’s advanced AI enhancement algorithms. Our tool automatically enhances images, providing clarity and detail in just seconds. Whether you’re upgrading your anime photos to HD quality at 480p or refining portrait shots with our cutting-edge face enhancement technology, PicWish ensures improvement even for underexposed, out-of-focus, or blurred images caused by unstable hands.

Photo Retouch

Eliminate unwanted objects from your photos with PicWish’s Photo Retouch feature. Whether it’s passersby, trash cans, buildings, power lines, watermarks, timestamps, or any distracting elements in your photo, this amazing feature allows you to seamlessly remove them, ensuring your photo subject takes center stage.

Face Enhancement

Revitalize and refine your facial features with PicWish’s advanced AI face enhancement. Rediscover the clarity in your old portrait photos as our deblurring feature works to enhance pixelated, fuzzy, damaged, or out-of-focus images. Elevate your photos to the next level with PicWish’s powerful face enhancement capabilities.

Image Cropper

Perfectly crop your portrait photos for ID or media creation with PicWish’s Image Cropper. Enjoy freeform cropping to highlight the main subject of your photo. Additionally, benefit from pre-set aspect ratios that seamlessly adapt your composition to your reference, ensuring a precise and polished result.

JPG Converter

Easily convert Webp, PNG, JPEG, or HEIC images to JPG format without compromising quality using PicWish’s JPG converter. Transform your photos into JPGs with just a few clicks, thanks to our intuitive image converter. Our AI technology strikes an optimal balance between preserving image quality and reducing file size, ensuring a seamless conversion experience.

White Background

Experience the easiest way to add a white background to your photos without the hassle of manual adjustments. PicWish offers an instant white background service with high-quality results, saving you time and effort.


PicWish stands out as a versatile and powerful one-stop photo editor, excelling not only in background removal but also offering a lot of advanced features. From AI background generation to image compression, face enhancement, and even an innovative AI art generator, PicWish provides a comprehensive suite of tools for professional photo editing. With its user-friendly interface and cutting-edge AI technologies, PicWish empowers users to effortlessly enhance, transform, and optimize their images with precision and ease.