QYPOWERLINE Is A Leading China Supplier Of Conductor Stringing Equipment


Herewith the article you will get to know about the stringing equipment. You will get to know about what kind of products it is dealing with. Have a look at the article that will provide you with details about every product.


QYPOWERLINE is a company that does the manufacturing of various products. The company was established recently in 2017. It is located in Yangzhou city. Mainly the company deals with a variety of products. Further, the company also has branches in some cities of the country China. The main reason behind the company is to focus on designing and making the best premium transmission line stringing equipment, which will remain for a good period so that you will not find any difficulty in using the stringing equipment.

The main products of the company QYPOWERLINE are the stringing pulley, powered winches, mesh sock grips, lever chain hoists, cable conveyors, and many more products. These products are made with the best quality and are supplied to the railroad companies, industries, power supplied companies, etc.

Transmission line

The term ‘transmission line’ refers to a line that helps transfer the signals from one place to another. And in it, the mechanical energy is maintained with the waves. And it converts the mechanical energy into electricity which transmits the energy to the power sector. Mainly, the transfer line helps cover all the radiofrequency energy with a few radiation losses.

Conductor stringing equipment

Our company is dealing with a lot of equipment. These are such equipment that will help you maintain your work at the best level. Along with this equipment, you can effectively do the work. And this equipment will help in making the complete stringing equipment. Here are some equipment available:

  1. Hydraulic Puller:

The hydraulic puller is the main thing that comes in the conductor stringing equipment—the edges of the puller help maintain the rotation of the workings. You can also do the rotation of the particular puller with your hand. And the bar holes are also present in it, which further helps tighten the holes. The puller also does its work by getting its location in the center of the cylinder. It also does exert the force of the cylinder.

  1. Cylinder:

The cylinder is one of the hydraulic jacks of the stringing equipment. The two things get passed through the cylinder, i.e., puller & bolt. And with time, the recess will accept the bridge. Lastly, two nipples help in pulling the cylinder.

  1. Socket:

The socket is a part that gets fixed with the hexagon inside the bridge. The stringing equipment socket also carries the bar holes (Tommy), which help in avoiding the required drill holes.

  1. Bridge:

The bridge does support the cylinder’s nut & socket. The circular groove is also present in the bridge that maintains the socket of the bridge. And similarly, a cut is present in the bridge that helps turn the bolt.

Above are some of the main things related to the conductor stringing equipment. Along with the tools, the working will become easier. And such equipment altogether can make the process of working easier.

Products of conductor stringing equipment

We here are giving you a list of the products that will help you make your tasks easier. Let’s see all the products below:

  1. Lever chain hoist:

The lever chain hoist is the best when tightening the wires, stringing, sag adjustment, equipment installation. The tool also helps in maintaining the items at any single level. See below some other features of the equipment:

  • The whole body of the lever hoist tool is made of steel.
  • While manufacturing the equipment, we are using the good and premium quality of the raw material.
  • It is long-life equipment which lasts for a longer period.
  • The tool will also work at every place. And it moves in at the smallest and narrow place also. You will not get any difficulty while using the particular level chain hoist.
  • It is a tool that is easy to maintain, and you can use it with simple steps.
  • The lever chain hoist is not so heavy. It is easy to handle at every place.
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  1. Compact size electric chain:

The compact size electric chain is the best chain to host up to 2T. The equipment has all the functions in it. A tool is a light tool that you can carry to any place. See the other functions of it below:

  • The compact size electric chain is long-life equipment that lasts for a longer period.
  • It does its work at the simplest operation. You can also use this tool in the smallest place. It also works in the smallest place.
  • The compact size electric chain equipment manufacturing is done with the good and premium quality of the raw material.
  • It also contains the motor in it. Further, which is equipped with both lifters, i.e., downward and upward moments.
  1. Electric hoist with remote control:

It is one of the tools that helps work at both speeds, i.e., slow and fast. Mainly, the tool’s work is that it works with heavy projects. And handle all the heavy work in a good manner. See some other features of the tool below:

  • You can also use this tool with the electric heat beam, slewing cranes & gantry cranes.
  • It will perform its work in a very good manner. And it also gives effective and accurate results.
  • It can lift to the weight minimum of 6m to 30 m.

Get all the products from us. We will give you the best quality products. And in the future, you will not find any complaint with the products.


From the above, you can see that many types of equipment will help you. Get all the best stringing equipment at a reasonable price. We will give you the timely delivery of the product. Our company has been manufacturing for the last five years and still has not found any serious customer complaints.