PTCL Introduces New DSL Broadband Plus Evo 3G Modem With Amazing Features

PTCL Introduces new DSL Broadband Plus Evo 3G Modem, with 3G Evo router, wireless and USB 3.0 support. It has ten amazing new features some of which I already know and some of which I did not know. I am in a Network field for the last ten years and use many others modems and routers like Linksys, Netgear and TPLink, but never seen such surprising device like this.PTCL AN1020-25u Adsl+3G Evo Router (2)[adsense]PTCL DSL Broadband AN1020-25u Modem Amazing Features:

1. Adsl Modem.
2. 3G Evo Router.
3. Wireless N 150mbps 20/40mhz.
4. IPTv via wifi works like a charm.
5. USB Storage server 3.0.
6. Wirelss Print Server.
7. Guest Wifi SSID.
8. Supports USB 3.0.
9. Good for SOHO.
10. Multicast Upto 4 wifi networks at a time.PTCL AN1020-25u Adsl+3G Evo Router

Note that all PTCL EVO supported modem’s default username is “admin” but the password is not an admin. So find the default password from the MAC address of router. The last five digits of MAC address will be the default password of the router.