Printable Islamic Calendar 2019 -1440 Hijri and Important Islamic Events

Hijri Calander 2019

A lot of friends and visitors ask me to share Islamic Calendar 2019, so today I have created two Islamic/Hijri Calendars 2019 (1440 Hijri). It is a single page calendars showing 12 months on one page. The exact date will be changed according to moon’s appearance. However, it has been calculated by Phases of the Moon. So, the chance of changes is very rare expectantly. Hijri Calander 2019

Important Islamic Events:

Jamadi-ul-awal Begins January 07, 2019.
Jamadi-ul-Sani Begins February 06, 2019.
Rajab Begins March 08, 2019.
Shaban Begins April 06, 2019.
Ramadan Begins May 06, 2019.
Shawal Begins June 04, 2019.
Zul-qada Begins July 04, 2019.
Zul-Hajj Begins August 02, 2019.
Moharam Begins August 31, 2019.
Safar Begins September 30, 2019.
Rabi-ul-Awal Begins October 29, 2019.
Rabi-ul-Sani Begins November 28, 2019.[adsense]

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