Portable CASIO ClassPad Manager v3.0 – The Ultimate Math Education Tool


The ClassPad Manager is a well known educational software / Emulator that provides a new way to learn about mathematics. With the help of this tool you can easily solve computer Algebra System, laplace Transforms & Fourier Transforms, differential Equation Application, financial Function, e-Activity function, enable Verify Function, geometric Graphing, spreadsheet Application.Portable-CASIO-ClassPad-manager

Main Features:

1- Its re-sizable window for easy text input and the ability to view long math expressions without scrolling.
2- Drag and Drop with stylus.
3- Update graph automatically when the user changes the value in the equation.
4- Display Function allows to display measured value of angle, length, dimension in geometric screen.
5- Mass storage functionality and Data logger connection.[adsense]Portable CASIO ClassPad (2)

Free Educational Resources available for download here: www.edu.casio.com