Popular 4 Add Text to Photo Apps for Android and iPhones

The advent of smartphones has changed the outlook of daily activities, people tend to make use of their phones in almost every activity like organizing themselves or setting reminders for important tasks and meetings, the trend of sharing photos and videos have also become common and photos are often shared with far off friends and family relatives by adding text or a message to make the photo more interactive and communicative. Some of the apps that help in adding text to photos are mentioned as under:Add Text to Photo Apps for Android

PhontoThe app is a popular add text to photo app, which has changed the way people share photos. With the help of this app the regular photos can be made masterpieces. A large variety of built-in fonts are present which enhance the photo when some message or caption is added to the otherwise regular photo. Text can be added in the form of thought bubbles or placards giving a cool effect to the photo. A wide range of stickers and shapes of stars or heart are an added advantage to dress up the image. Stenciled shapes and letters give a nice effect to the images and look like cutouts are added to the image. The app is a huge hit among users worldwide and is gaining popularity according to the features it provides.Free Download Link [adsense]
StickrThe app is for people who have little spare time and want to make use of the available time to make photos look nicer by adding stickers from this app. The app not only provides a large variety of stickers but also provides photo-filtering effects to make the image affixed with the sticker. The user can give every image a personal touch by choosing from the 300 designs of stickers available as well as match the sticker which best goes with the image after doing the modifications required to enhance the photo. The image can be cropped or filtered by using the options given by this app and make the image more adaptable with the chosen sticker. The stickers are of various designs, shapes and colors easily match-able with the images, as the sticker has to be placed on top of the image and in order to make it seem a part of the photo the photo can be adjusted by using the tools given by sticker like color adjustment and photo-filtering effects etc. The app is easy to use and a huge hit among users across the world.Free Download Link

TextgramAs the name suggests the app is all about turning text into beautiful graffiti, and images taken from the gallery of the phone can be added as well as stickers or shapes of heat and stars can also give the image a nice effect. Many frames of various sizes and shapes and filters are provided by the app to achieve the effects the user wants to send to the near and dear ones. The app is loaded with features all the user has to do is to type some message and the app works its magic and turns it into something wonderful and further the user can add some frames or shapes to make the image more appealing and worth sharing. The app is user-friendly and has been downloaded by millions all over to gain maximum advantage of this app.Free Download Link

Add Text to Photos:
Add Text to PhotosAdd text to Photos by Brilliant Innovators is another popular app to put text on images. The app helps to place text over images in an easy and user friendly way. You can use the interface without any hindrance unlike the other photo editing software such as Photoshop. The app offers a number of interesting stickers and shapes to place on images.Free Download Link

You can use the above-mentioned apps to add text to images. Put text over images to make interesting images with your favorite quotes etc.