Android vs iPhone: Android Features That are Not in iPhone

Do you feel embarrassed looking iPhone to your friend? This inferiority of reason is so bad. But let’s go tell you to be aware of the fact that there are some features on your Android phone, not the iPhone, and believe me it’s not a lie. The first feature of Android is that you can choose your favorite from several devices and also the custom value. The iPhone does not have such a luxury. He offers one or two models and they also have a default value, there is no change in price and features. Android vs iPhone

The special thing is that in Android advanced hardware features comes first. Apple is now the property is protected by water via iPhone 7. The OLED display and is not yet. The storage also increased new models and does not support SD cards, but there is something Android over the years. Wireless charging or fast charging, new batteries are removed to facilitate or to put two SIMs. It is only on Android smartphones. That is also the significance of Android than the iPhone, that can alter the software. The iPhone appearance will be remain the same, while that does not change through the Apple update. But in Android you can also use a custom launcher app.[adsense]

Moreover, now that Apple is a hardware company, while Android (Google) is known as a software company. You can feel the difference for yourself. Gmail is much more powerful software from Apple Mail. Then compare Apple Maps with Google Maps, even the keyboard Google is much stronger. They are all in good Android software already exists, and has to be installed on the iPhone. Headphone jack Android is still present. Headphone jack has been removed such that the iPhone 7, it has broken the hearts of many people. To sell its wireless Earphone and air pods, it is the only can Apple. So do not be shy to say a better Android phone can hit the iPhone in many ways and also can win.