Online Zakat Calculator For the Muslims of the Whole World

Zakat is obligatory on every Muslim male and female and is one of five pillars of Islam. Most Muslims pay Zakat in the Ramadan so that after reading and using this calculator, from the desire of Allah you will be able to know about this. Zakat is obliged on four things (Gold/Silver, Earth production,Merchandise trade and Animals. This calculator will calculate your 2.5% of all net savings for one lunar year before Zakat is due.

Online Zakat Calculator Features:

  • Amount (use the lowest amount held for 1 year).
  • Gold/Silver (Monetary value).
  • The money owned by you (Deposits, Loans you made).
  • Resale value of share, stocks, bonds, etc.[adsense]

Note: The goods earned from interest, bribes, robbery, and other prohibited sources will not benefit from giving Zakat. It is only permissible by lawful earnings.