Online fax made insanely easy, free and secure with Cocofax, the most powerful Efficiency Accelerator

In the era of modern technology, you can’t deny the importance and power of fax for communication. Businesses all around the world prefer online fax services. Unlike the past, you can send and receive faxes without a fax machine and a phone line. Nowadays, you can use internet fax solutions. These will help you to transmit faxes through the internet. With the use of these services, you can get the advantage of flexible and affordable fax transmission. If you need the best online fax solution, feel free to choose CocoFax for its incredible features and fantastic services. See the reasons to use CocoFax as your best online fax service.

CocoFax Offers a Secure and Reliable Method of Fax Transmission

Without any doubt, CocoFax is a leading service provider in the world of online faxing. It can facilitate small and large businesses to send and receive faxes globally. Feel free to fax in any part of the globe using your phone, computer, laptop, and any other device.
Over one million people are using CocoFax for their official fax communication. You have to create your account with CocoFax to fax without a phone line and machine. For its amazing services, it has featured on Digital Trends, Business Insider, 9to5 Mac, Mac World, Tech Advisor, and Forbes.

Different Faxing Methods to Send and Receive Faxes

With the use of CocoFax, you can get the advantage of encrypted and HIPAA compliant faxing. You can use CocoFax to carry a portable fax machine in your pocket. Here are some great methods to send and receive faxes via CocoFax:

Use a Web Browser

If you want to send faxes instantly and easily, create an account with CocoFax using an email id. You will get a free trial for 30 days and a free fax number. You can use this number free for one month.

After creating an account, you can use the dashboard of CocoFax to manage the transmission of relevant documents. Here are some simple steps:
Step 01: Open a web browser and visit the website of CocoFax. Log in to your account and get access to its dashboard.

Step 02: Tap on “Send Fax” end Fax” and start drafting your fax on a popup window. You have to enter a fax number of the recipient and write a message in the body.

Step 03: If you want to write special notes, feel free to type some lines in the subject field. Now, attach essential documents that you want to send through fax. Remember, CocoFax accepts documents in different formats, such as jpg, png, xlsx, xls, docx, pdf, etc.
Step 04: Check everything twice before hitting on the “Send” button. After receiving your fax, CocoFax will transmit it to the fax machine of the recipient.
If your fax is unsuccessful, you will get its notification in your inbox. It means the fax machine of the receiver is busy or turned off.[adsense]

Send Fax with an Email Client

If you want to send a fax with an email client, it will be easy with the use of CocoFax. You can manage this transmission without any trouble. Make sure to use the same email address that is registered with CocoFax.
Sign in to your email account, click on “compose an email” and start writing your message. In the “To” section, you will write a fax number of the recipient. Make sure to end this number with

Write your message in the body of the email and attach relevant documents. Click on the “Send,” and the CocoFax will manage the rest.
Keep it in mind that you will receive your faxes on the same number. Make sure to share this number with your clients. You can get these messages in your inbox of an email account or dashboard of CocoFax.
For maximum security, your attachments will be in pdf format. You can download them at your convenience.


In a nutshell, CocoFax is the best online fax service to send and receive faxes. It is a trustworthy service for businesses and freelancers. With the use of CocoFax, the transmission of faxes will be insanely easy and secure.
If you need a reliable method over fax machines and mode, online fax services are always helpful. CocoFax is an inclusive service with lots of impressive features. The power and efficiency of this faxing solution are unbeatable.
For this reason, you can choose it for your business to decrease unnecessary expenditures. Start your free trial today, and share your thoughts about this online fax service.