How Can Video Analytics Help your Conversions?

Video Analytics

Launching a new video can be nerve-wracking but it doesn’t have to be as long as you understand what a successful video is. Specifically, what it is and what it isn’t and just like anything you release online, it has everything to do with how you measure the performance. To do this, you have to be able to know what video metrics matter and arguably it’s best practice to do this before starting a video project so you can plan out your video objectives and determine the plan for action accordingly.Video Analytics

Video analytics are crucial because of their powerful ability to identify attributes, trends, behavior, and many more metrics! By being able to monitor the performance of your videos you obtain a better understanding of what your audience wants to see and more importantly who they are.
Let’s go into more detail and in this article, we’ll discuss why video analytics help your conversions – turn an audience into a subscriber!


The number of views your video has tells you the exact number of people who viewed your video, specifically, how many eyeballs your video has reached and how many watched the contents. It’s important to remember that the view count is dependant on the video platform you use, for example, Youtube, when people viewed a video for less than 30 seconds it doesn’t count as a view and the same goes with ads as well they have their own view count metrics.

Watch Time

We have the view count and now the watch time is how long the viewer spent watching the video. The goal of any video is to have the end viewer watch it from start to finish so this metric is highly critical to success as it helps you monitor what time your viewers dropped the video. With this, you’ll be able to determine the content that causes the most interest and strain for viewers.

Play Rate

This video analytic helps you measure how many people cared enough to watch your video, walked away from it, and how many stopped to watch it. With this, you can determine the ratio of people who were attracted to your video to watch it and those who weren’t.[adsense]

Conversion Rate

By far the most important rate of most video creators, the conversion rate is the video analytic that measures how many customers you were able to gain through your videos. For example, a budding Youtuber aiming for success is dependant on subscribers to their Youtube channel just like how a Facebook page monitors followers, likes, and shares. This rate is important if your goal is determined by a set of numbers that you need to drive customers to.

Be sure that before you start planning your next big video project that you map out the goal of the video and determine what metrics matter to you. There are many platforms out there that have video analytics-enabled and one of the award-winning is by Ziggeo that you can check out here: