Now Your Bottle Will Tell You That When Does Drink Water

According to experts, at least eight glasses of water in a day is essential for health, because the person is not only healthy, also retain its beauty. Due to busy work if you do not drink enough water or remember, so no need to worry. Because France’s leading bottled producing company “Vittel” has also invented a bottle that will remind you drink water every hour.Vittel-timer-water bottles[adsense]The bottle has been specifically designed a cap, which is also fitted with a timer. Also a small red flag has been installed within the Cap. This flag is suddenly exposed after each bottle reminds the owner that it is time to drink water. After drinking water bottle cap rotate the timer is reset every hour, thus reminding you to drink is water. Experts say that this bottle is beneficial, especially for those individuals who continue to sit on the chair in my office work, or are engaged in the study of books for many hours.