Never Mind If Your Internet Speed Is Slow, It Is Due To Cyber Attack

Worldwide internet speed decreased significantly and because of cyber security experts on cyber attack of its kind, is the largest. A group who fight against Spam and Internet hosting web site comes from the Internet Overall, between extended has been taken. The Egyptian military has some of the divers from the Navy undersea Internet cable cut attempt is made​​. Between these two, which comes from the affected facilities is included in the Net Flex and experts say it greater banking and email system can also be extended. Five countries of the world, the cyber police officers engaged in the investigation of this case, but it is not known who these countries.Cyber Attack

If you think the Internet is a motorway that would be attacker would send so much traffic that they come and go from the motorway routes will stop. But in this case it is attacked, the motorway will be closed because it is so much traffic went. (by Britain’s University of Surrey professor Alan Woodward). The nature of the attack “facilities denial” is called again, which means that the number of fixed internet traffic is being sent in response to which he is not accessible and stops or slows. If this kind of attack on the Internet if governments would be powerless in front of him.