National Database & Registration Authority (NADRA) Has Introduced New SNIC

NADRA has introduced new IT based Smart National ID Card (SNIC) to give you an experience of Hi-Tech security solution for protection of your identity. Normal fee of SNIC is Rs.1500 while there is no fee for ordinary fresh CNIC. Normal renewal fee of CNIC is Rs.75. Initially smart cards will be issued for 10 years.


Main features of this SNICs are:

1- Chip based Smart Identity Card with 36 security features.
2- Multi-dimensional usage and services.
3- Social and financial inclusion programs.
4- State of the art encryption technology.
5- Live identification of captured fingerprints.
6- Easy pension disbursement.
7- Accidental death insurance of Rs.100,000 for 2 years.
8- Compliant with ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization) Standards.
9- Data written on card both in English and Urdu which will be very useful for overseas Pakistanis and people who used to travel abroad.
10-Lot more to offer in the future.[adsense]

NDRA (SNIC)The new NADRA Smart ID Card is complaint with ICAO standards. More information and get Smart National ID Card, visit your nearest NADRA registration center or Visit its official website: