Must Read-Before Buying the New Tyre for Your Vehicle

Whenever we purchase new tyre. We usually depend the suggestions of the others, or we accept the true deal as a shopkeeper tells us. But we never noticed on the instruction which are given on the tyre. As these instructions can help us a lot. In future whenever you buy tyre, you must see the numbers and letter on the tyre. Let’s see, which useful information, we can get by doing this. Usually you will see such type of numbers on the tyre:Tyre numbers and letter

R1591H65195, The detail of these numbers as follows.[adsense]

Tyre numbers and letter

1 ) 195: Meaning of this that the width of the tyre is 195 mm.

2) 65: This number shows the Ratio between width and height, means that the height is 65% of the width.

3) R: Its mean Radial.

4) 15: This is the diameter of the wheel. Its means which type you are going to buy that will fit on the 15 inches diameter of wheel.

5) 91: This number is called load Index, Load Index 91 means that this tyre can carry loads up to 615 kg.

6) H: This letter shows the speed, as much this letter will increase, the tyre will tolerate the fast speed. For the tyre of the letter H, 120 Km/hrs speed is the safe speed.