Microsoft Will Present Windows 9 Preview On 30th September 2014 With Updated Start Menu

Good news for everyone the preview of the Microsoft Windows 9 is fixed, that the 30th September will be presented during a ceremony. All the features of the Windows 8.1 update were coming, so they have been included in the new Windows. Since after Windows 8 was announced by Microsoft, that every year the company will introduce a new operating system, so Windows 9 news about the event to be received not uncommon, However, it will be called Windows 9? Or will it be another name, it is not yet clear, according to popular online magazine The Verge new Windows code name is Threshold, and not only in the start menu has been added, but Windows Metro (Modern) interface has also been changed significantly.Microsoft  Windows 9 Preview[adsense]

As a major change to the Charms bar has been removed, and its place once again took the windows traditional menus. Also best thing is that in Windows 9 the security system has been improved. It is expected that Windows personal assistant Cortana will also be included in this version, but maybe it is not so effective application yet, as is Windows Phone. According to Microsoft, 30 September during a press conference will introduce the new windows. However it will be expected launch within the next six months or a year for your PCs, laptops, tablets and phones. The real purpose of this preview develops awareness of the new version of Windows.

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