Microsoft Will Continue To Provide Security Essentials Updates For Windows XP Until One Year

Everyone already knows that Microsoft Windows XP is ending its support 8th April 2014. Which means that after this date in Windows XP or any other error or malfunction discover the Microsoft to remove any update or patch will not issue any securities. Microsoft said it has named zero day forever. Recently Microsoft announced that they will continue to provide anti-malware engines new signature files on 14 July 2015 until the end of support for Windows XP until almost a year later.Microsoft Security Essentials Updates[adsense]So Windows XP will get another year’s life and Microsoft Security Essentials will still get updates after full support for more one year. Several anti-virus companies other than Microsoft also provides Windows XP to keep your anti-virus system is assured. Some anti-virus companies so far in 2016, the anti-virus for Windows XP is announced. This means that the Microsoft Security Essentials updates of Windows XP support will be available until after the expiry of one year.