Malaysian Company has Introduced a Web Browser for Muslims

The Salam Browser

A Malaysian company has introduced a new browser, keeping the Islamic values keeping it as a Muslim friend web experience. The Salam Browser adhering to Islamic adab available in the mobile app and desktop version, tested in Microsoft Windows 7 and 10 is equipped with messaging, news and other features, and currently most of its users belong to Malaysia and Indonesia.The Salam Browser

Hasni Zarina Mohamed Khan, Managing Director of Salam Web Technologies, said that he wants access to this browser, gradually up to 10 percent of one billion 80 billion Muslims. He said that at present the Web users face challenges from the world’s biggest technology companies, from Facebook, which are not taking any more action against the issue of dangerous materials and counterfeit information.

According to Hasni Zarina, although the Web Web is developed by keeping the mind in mind, but it can use everyone, the internet can be a dangerous place, so we need an alternate.[adsense]

Web pages are determined by appropriate, neutral and inappropriate, depending on community-wide filters for content in this web browser and users are warned on access to pornographic or casino sites. It also includes some Islamic features, such as the hours of prayer and the knowledge of the tribe.

This web browser is developed on Open Source Chromium software, which is also the basis of the Google Chrome Web browser. You can easily download and install on your computer from this link: