Make Your Documents Readable With PDFelement OCR Function

Portable Document Format documents (PDFs) are great for distributing important documents across multiple devices. Only the editing and adaptation of a PDF is quickly torture – especially mobile. PDFelement with its OCR functionality should help to make this work better and easier. The functionality of PDFelement is huge. It starts with very basic features like free PDF creation like in a normal text editor. Here font, size, color and style can be adapted quickly.wondershare PDFelement But PDFs are also great for building forms that recipients can interact with everyone will surely know these PDFs, where you can check off checkboxes, enter the date, or sign with your signature.
PDFelement with OCR function
However, it is always difficult when the text in a PDF is such that a computer cannot recognize it, for example with handwritten notes or an exotic font. That’s exactly what PDFelement OCR has on board. OCR stands for Optical Character Recognition, the recognition of letters based on certain characteristics. So you can, for example, make the scan of a handwritten note, a note in a book or other non-computer readable font, identifiable to the computer.pdf-ocr[adsense]Searchability and independence
PDFelement has several advantages that a text scanned and processed by OCR, for example, is searchable. Especially when it goes, for example in the direction of a paperless office and accumulates a large mass of documents, so you can quickly find individual notes by looking for a particular keyword. But also for visually impaired people OCR is important. So can read all sorts of documents that would have been difficult or impossible for the person concerned to read.
For anyone working with PDFs, PDFelement should be a tremendous relief. OCR functionality, in particular, makes PDFelement a complete solution for those dealing with documents on a daily basis. Click here for the trial version and more information.