Main Difference Between Computer Science and Software Engineering

What is the main difference between computer science and software engineerin? and what is the difference between the people related to these fields? These are two fields that are often considered the same. The advertisements for jobs in newspapers may probably be a major reason for this. These ads often require as a qualifying qualification that computer science, information technology, software engineering or a certified person is required by a person.Computer Science and Software Engineering

Apart from those degree holders for such a job, computer engineering is also certifying certificates. For those documents, there is a slight difference between the study curriculum in local universities. Although all these fields are different from each other. In fact, it is also the case for a computer operator’s job to graduate in computer science.[adsense]

Computer Science:

Computer science is basically the ideological basis of computer systems, and it has a lot of functions in mathematics. How the computer works and how to do it, it is related to computer science. Computer science is often called science to solve the problem. Computer science expert is not necessarily a programming gender expert. Because learning in this field is programming languages secondary. Its definitions are so broad that people you ask, you will get to hear and read the same definition.

Software Engineering:

On the other hand, software engineering is how to develop high-performance software. In this, a software system is developed, run and monitored, using the principles and practice of both computer science and engineering.