Anti-Ransomware Feature is now included in Windows 10 as Built-in

Of course you will be familiar with the Ransomware software. These are the types of viruses that encrypt important files in the system and require a special program to fix them that just exists with hackers. To get this program, you have to pay a hacker, then your files are fine and correct. Now Microsoft has learned a lot from this big mistake, introduced the same feature of Built-in anti-Ransomware software in Windows 10. How to protect your computer from this Virus?Anti-Ransomware

Just as Microsoft introduced several key features in Last Creators Update, as well as this new feature has been introduced in Fall Creators Update, released at the end of this year. This feature will get you in the “Controlled folder access” section of “Virus & Threat Protection” in Microsoft Defender’s. Here you can “on” it.[adsense]Anti-Ransomware

Remember that Microsoft did not allow Windows Defender to remain a basic antivirus now, but has introduced extremely exquisite expertise features. Now this does not require any other antivirus.

Note: If you do not see all of these important features in Windows 10, you certainly have not updated the Windows yet.