Low vs. Medium vs. High Variance Slot Games


Despite the fact that online slots these days are incredibly easy to find and play, it doesn’t mean that you can necessarily just get away with doing the bare minimum. In fact, as things like slot variance prove, not doing the required amount of research can actually greatly reduce your potential winnings.

It isn’t hard to learn about the distinction between low, medium and high variance slot games. Keep reading for a lowdown or visit Thor Slots Casino today!machine

Slot variance: What does it mean?

Right then, before we get too deep into the pros and cons of low vs. medium vs. high variance slot games we need to give a quick overview of what the concept of variance even means in the first place.  In layman’s terms, slot variance is basically a very good indicator of how risky a slot game is to play. This is because it describes how often you can expect to win, and also how much you can expect to win too.

For example, let’s take the example of low variance slots first. With low variance slots you are likely to pick up a fair few wins, however they will also be fairly small. On the other hand, high variance slots make it harder to find winning symbol combinations, but when they do appear they will be a lot more lucrative. 

Reasons to love low variance slot games

That is a very basic overview of what slot variance, so now it’s time to work out which type of variance works for each type of gambler. Let’s take a look at low variance slot games first. Here are some reasons to love low variance slot games:

  • Good for people on a budget: Low variance slots are perfect for gamblers running off quite a small bankroll. This is because you don’t need to place large bets to make the most out of low variance slots, and you are also more likely to see regular monetary return.
  • Perfect for low rollers: Broadly speaking you can split slot gamblers into two categories: low rollers and high rollers. Low rollers enjoy placing smaller bets, and low variance slots are therefore perfect!

Reasons to love medium variance slot games

Next up medium variance slot games. Take a look at a few of these reasons to love medium variance

  • Best of both worlds: Medium variance slots mean that gamblers can get the best of both worlds. It is still fairly likely that you will pick up regular wins, but they won’t all be so small.
  • Easy to find: By and large medium variance slots are the easiest to find in today’s online slot world. Another reason to love them![adsense]

Reasons to love high variance slot games

Last but not least, here are some reasons to love high variance slot games:

  • The thrill: Because of the high stakes nature of high variance slot games and the possibility of losing quite a lot of money, they are inherently thrilling to play.
  • Massive jackpots: If you are a huge jackpot hunter you can genuinely look no further than high variance slot games. These are regularly the ones to pay out the largest prizes!