Intel Has Introduced Smallest PC With Complete Microsoft Windows 8.1

Intel has introduced a device “Compute Stick” in the consumer electronics show 2015 being the portable USB stick. That is complete Microsoft Windows 8.1 computer. In compute stick includes Quad-core Atom processor, 32 GB memory, 2 GB RAM, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Compute stick is also available with a version of Linux but it has 1 GB of RAM. Size of compute stick is just like a Google Chromecast, so many applications can use on it. If we connect it with HDMI (High Definition Multimedia Interface) monitor, then it will become a complete computer. Even if it connect with TV we can viewed on the video and photos.Intel Compute Stick

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The left side is a small micro USB port, through which charging the device. A small power button and the full-size USB port can be connected to the other items of this device. Windows version cost $ 150 and And Linux is $ 90.