Install BatteryCare Software and Increase the Battery Life of Your Laptop


Many people just do not take care of the laptop battery. If your laptop battery fully charged and then fully use it even if the battery’s condition remains good. Need a laptop battery to be charged thirty times, then total discharge is required. The battery is completely discharged the accused continue to use the plug without the laptop until the battery runs out and the system is closed. Laptops now do not use at least five hours.Battry-Care- Then once complete charge. After fully charged using this method your laptop battery will be fully discharged and its performance will best.

BatteryCare Main Features

1- Battery’s discharge cycle monitoring.
2- Complete battery information.
3- CPU and HDD temperature reading.
4- Automatic power plans switching.
5- Control over Windows Aero and demanding Services.
6- Notification area information.
7- Auto-updates and Lightweight in the system.

So if your laptop battery is dear to you and you want it to be good long-term care, then install the BatteryCare software. It will automatically inform you to the selected power plan, CPU temperature and tell you when the battery charge and more necessary is it to full use.[adsense]




BatteryCare keeps a note how many times has charged the laptop and now need to discharge the battery. Compatible with Windows XP , Windows Vista , Windows 7 , Windows 8 & 1o, Download free from: