Incredible Charger That Uses Water To Charge Your Phone Or Camera

PowerTrekk is a standalone charger that uses water to charge your smart phone, camera and other electronic devices. Main part of PowerTrekk is myFC’s proprietary FuelCellSticker technology. During chemistry process the fuel cell silently converts hydrogen into electricity via its Proton Exchange Membrane. And your mobile phone will be charge without any solar power or electricity.PowerTrekk

How to Use It:

  • Remove tray system and insert fuel pack into fuel compartment of your PowerTrekk mobile charger.
  • Fill-up water compartment (Only one tablespoon) and close lid.
  • Re-attach tray system to your mobile charger.
  • Connect electronic device to the PowerTrekk, using USB-A connector.
  • A mobile charge will start automatically.
  • While in use, PowerTrekk shows state of operation. Once your mobile charger is in shutdown mode, remove used fuel pack.[adsense]