Improve Your Eyesight Power With Simple Home Remedy

Improve Eyesight Power

We have seen a number of people who use eye glasses while daily routine working. This is owing to the weakness of their eye sight power. Weakness of eyesight is a very serious issue and doctors through all over the world are still working to reduce the reasons behind on this. Eyesight weakness will occur normally due to several reasons on its behind.Improve Eyesight Power

These are continuously working on the computer or look at its screen without any filter, reading books or text in less illuminated power energy, due to any special disease or head injury and shortage of Vitamin A. To reduce the causes and make improvement in your eyesight power, the following homemade remedy is taken from a man who uses it on several people for the aforesaid purpose.

They were all amazed to have gotten a perfect result and approximately they were all improved their eyesight power 100% by the use of following remedy:


1- Almond 250 Grams.Improve Eyesight Power (2)
2- Pure Honey ½ Kg.
3- Elaichi (Big) 50 Gram.
4- Elaichi (Small) 50 Gram .[adsense]

Prescription and Use:

Take a bowl filled full with water and put 250 Grams Almond in this bowl at night. In the morning, remove the shells on these almonds and put these almonds in ½ Kg pure honey. Now take 50 Gram Elaichi(Big) and 50 Gram Elaichi(Small). Crushes both items and put both the items in aforesaid honey. Take 1 tablespoon of seed mixture early in the morning and after a meal in evening continuously 03 months. The man who applied the same said that a eyesight patient had used the above medicine and will improve the eyesight from 3.5 to 2.5 just in 01 weeks. Amazing, friends, this unique and improve able remedy should also be used by yourself if you feel weak in your eyesight power.