How to Use and Where to Find Proxies for Instagram?

Automating activity is one of the most effective ways to increase your audience, reach and interaction. However, since Instagram does not allow automation, you need to follow certain security rules, especially for owners of multiple Instagram accounts. Learn more about instagram proxy server in our article.

Why is a proxy necessary for Instagram automation?

Social media managers, marketing agencies, and even regular Instagram users often manage more than one account. Instagram has clear guidelines about how many accounts should be used from a single IP address – no more than one account from a single address. High activity from multiple accounts from the same IP at the same time can be considered spam activity and lead to penalties from Instagram, from temporary restriction of some activity to complete and permanent blocking of the account.

To avoid being blocked by Instagram, marketers and managers use proxies to emulate connecting multiple accounts from different IP addresses. The proxy serves as an intermediary between the user’s computer and Instagram’s servers, which mask the real IP with the new address.

Where to find a proxy for Instagram?

There is a wide range of proxies of many different types on the market. In order to choose the best proxy, we highly recommend avoiding general proxies, instead favoring private proxies. Private proxies are used and controlled only by their owners and providers, as opposed to general proxies that are freely available to an unlimited number of users.

What VPN providers are recommended for users from China?

Access to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Wikipedia and a number of other foreign Internet services is blocked in China. Because of the Great Chinese firewall, the usual means of circumventing the blockage do not work. IP addresses are blocked, all information received and sent from the user’s computer is checked. Popular IP-changing methods, such as open proxies (HTTP and SOCKS) and well-known protocols (OpenVPN, L2TP and PPTP), are not suitable for Chinese users.

The VPN providers listed below are guaranteed to bypass censorship and successfully connect to Instagram with a new IP address.

  • SurfShark
  • V2Ray
  • KeepSolid
  • StrongVPN
  • ExpressVPN
  • CyberGhostVPN
  • IPVanishVPN
  • Nord VPN

How to connect Instagram accounts via proxy?

Upon purchasing a proxy from a provider, you’ll get all the necessary information about the server (protocol type, host, port, username and password). You’ll need this information to connect Instagram accounts via proxy in the following way.

  1. Log into your Instagram accounts within the app.
  2. Click Tools > Settings > Proxies.
  3. There are two categories in the Proxies window: General Proxy and Account Proxy.

In the General Proxy section, you can change the IP address for all connected accounts at once. Under “Account Proxy” you can configure proxies for each account individually. To safely automate the activity of multiple Instagram accounts, you need to set up the proxy for each account separately in the “Account Proxy” section.

Click the switch next to one of the Instagram accounts in the list

  1. Select the type of proxy, fill in the server and port data fields, and enter your username and password.
  2. Click Save.
  3. Repeat for all your Instagram accounts.

Buy proxy for Instagram

The reliability of a proxy server is a pledge of security for the accounts of all the sites you work with. It is determined by the degree of anonymity and the number of users. The ideal variant is an individual server with complete anonymity: in this case Instagram cannot find out your real IP, nor prove the use of the proxy.

Free proxy addresses are designed for a lot of users, so when you use them, the page is blocked after 1-2 days on average. There are also fraudulent proposals when such addresses are sold under the guise of protected ones.

Honest sellers usually know your email address and payment method. PayPal is not only a very secure payment method, but it also allows you to cooperate with companies located abroad. Proxies are relatively inexpensive, especially for IPv4. A maximum of 1 USD for 1 IPv4 server per day will allow you not to worry about your profile.

Proxy for Instagram – an essential service for a competent SMM-specialist who is engaged in the promotion of accounts. We use proxies in the following cases:

  • For simultaneous work with more than 2 profiles. The security system of Instagram, as well as Facebook, YouTube and many other sites monitors the IP from which the account is operated, and analyzes it. If it turns out that there are many pages from one address, or, on the contrary, IPs from different parts of the world are involved in the life of one profile in a short period of time, the account is blocked.
  • If 2 or more desktop programs are used simultaneously to promote one page (for example, to get likes and auto-posts).
  • If the customer (page owner) and the SMM manager live in different countries. The system may find it suspicious that the login to the same profile is constantly being performed from 2 countries at a time, especially if they are not neighboring countries.
  • YouTube parsing and other information-gathering and analysis operations are also often more convenient to perform not from one’s own address to avoid being blocked, or to obtain information on a specific region. For example, when selecting “you’re cool” headlines, you can find out the mainstream hobbies of a particular audience.

In general terms, it is an intermediary server between you and the requested resource. It happens in real life that you need information or help from a specific person, but it is inconvenient to ask for it yourself, so you ask a mutual friend to get the information for you. In the world of the Internet, a proxy is that common acquaintance.

Proxy for Instagram is mainly used for promotion of accounts, auto-posting, maintaining several profiles from one IP address. This social network provides quite a serious system of protection against such actions, and if they are detected, the account can be blocked, you can get a ban: temporary or lifetime. For commercial profiles with thousands of followers, this can be a serious blow, incomparable to the cost of using a special proxy server.

When working with Instagram via a browser, in particular Google Chrome, proxy server data should be entered in its settings, so that all requests are processed exactly through the specified connection, masking the IP address.