Dripify Review – LinkedIn Automation Tool

The present-day market is flooded with a countless number of automation tools designed to boost businesses’ lead generation and revenue. One such popular tool is Dripify, a reliable LinkedIn autopilot with innumerable advantages and minimum effort demand.

Dripify is one of the industry’s most ultra-modern LinkedIn optimization and lead-generation software. Dripify LinkedIn automation tool enables business owners to implement suitable automated acts, and tasks necessary for prospecting on LinkedIn.

The multi-faceted, user-oriented platform is highly beneficial for individuals and businesses who have a keen focus on marketing their brands through LinkedIn.

However, just being aware of the features of this automation won’t be helpful if you lack the skills to implement them practically.

This article is an elaborated Dripify review and a guide about how to use this tool to its full potential.

Dripify: Key Features

Some of the features that Dripify includes are not offered by any other LinkedIn automation, and they have the capability to greatly influence your lead generation and sales. The most striking feature that this automation has to offer is the smart inbox. This feature allows the user to drop a reply to leads rapidly and effortlessly.

However, the capability of this autopilot for LinkedIn is not just limited to smart inbox, other efficiencies that this tool has to offer include:

  • LinkedIn group administration
  • Automated sales funnel
  • Lead generation
  • Third-party integration
  • Team management on LinkedIn
  • Secure algorithm
  • Well-organized dashboard
  • LinkedIn messenger tool
  • Integrate with 2000+ apps
  • Social Media Monitoring
  • Data Import / Export


Who is Dripify Designed For?

Anyone present on LinkedIn can utilize Dripify automation to optimize their profile. However, some of the specific department professionals benefit from this tool a bit more than others. Following are the categories that experience exponential growth by including this LinkedIn autopilot in their business strategy:

  • Entrepreneurs
  • Marketing agencies or Digital marketers
  • Professionals willing to create an efficient and effective sales funnel.
  • Users who aim to get the most out of their LinkedIn presence.
  • Sellers looking for options that could help them to close deals at a faster pace.
  • Businesses of all sizes, including micro and macro

How to Create a Lead Generation Campaign with Dripify

Creating a campaign on this autopilot might sound complicated, but the reality this Dripify review will reveal is just the opposite. Follow the steps mentioned below, and you will be able to create a great campaign in no time:

Step 1: Create an account on Dripify and sign in. Click on the button with “New Campaign” written on it, and you will be redirected to the Campaign Creation Dashboard.

Step 2: Click on the “Add Leads” button and form a catalog of leads.

Then select your preferred option for adding leads: “Paste Profile URLs” or from “LinkedIn Search.” You are even provided with the option to develop a filter according to your needs and add them to the campaign’s list. Once you are done with that, choose how many users you are willing to add, and hit the “Create a list” button followed by “Next.”

Step 3: Now from the pre-built templates, select the sequence of your choice. However, you are not restricted to pre-existing templates, and if you desire, you can build a customized one:

  • Lead Generation
  • Endorse My skills
  • Extra Profile Views
  • Custom Campaign

Have a detailed preview, and once you are done, hit the “Select Template” option.

Step 4: Click on “Add Action,” which will allow you to send an invite request. A personalized note could also be added to your request. Next, click on the “Apply” button.

Step 5: You will be able to witness two branches; either your request is accepted or the request is pending. If the other party has not taken any action on your request, choose alternative action- like a post. However, if the request is still pending, once again, opt for the action-view profile.

Step 6: If none of your actions were fruitful, select the “End” button and choose from the activities mentioned below:

  • Wait until the invite is accepted
  • If the invite hasn’t been accepted till now, stop the processing
  • Cancel the request if not accepted

If you were lucky enough and the request was accepted, insert your LinkedIn message. You are also provided with the option to set an alternative message. Once the selection is made, click on “Apply.”

Step 7: Now it’s time to add in your very first sales message. Hit the “Message Button” to get started. Splitting automation is also an option. Once the automation has been constructed, select the “End the sequence” button and move forward to the further step.

Step 8: Provide a name for your campaign. Zapier Integration is optional; however, you can utilize it to make your campaign even more effective. After that, if any of the following situations appear, don’t proceed:

  • Overlapping of leads with other campaigns.
  • No profile picture of the lead, and it has no more than 500 connections.

Now hit the “Save and Launch” button.

Depending on your requirements, this process can help you create various drip campaigns in Dripify automation.

Why use Dripify?

Generating leads through Dripify using LinkedIn lead generation tool is a lot more effortless when compared to doing it manually. The only task you are required to perform is creating a sales funnel, and the software will take care of the rest. You gain the ability to close deals even when your device (Laptop or PC) is turned off, as a complete automation along with cloud functionality is offered by Dripify.

When it comes to the creation of a successful LinkedIn marketing strategy, there’s hardly any tool better than this one. But why only this autopilot? For starters, it boosts your revenue generated through sales and cuts down the expenses required to optimize LinkedIn manually.

Let’s give an eye to the features that make Dripify the perfect tool for your LinkedIn automation:

1. Create Drip Campaign

Fully automated sales funnels can be created in Dripify with the help of various LinkedIn actions. Once the funnel is created, you have the liberty to choose smart terms, set deadlines, and drive the LinkedIn lead generation as per your desire.

But what’s so exceptional about a drip campaign?

When you start to use campaigns developed in Dripify automation, you will witness an immediate boost in your loyalty and engagement. Additionally, a lot of time and effort implemented by marketers to generate lead prospects and sales can be saved to a considerable extent.

The connections you build and their quality is also heavily affected. Therefore, the overall response rate can also be improved through drip campaigns.

2. Advanced Analytics

It provides you with the liberty to assess how effective your campaign is and also have an analysis of how successfully your campaign is performing. Apart from that, you are also allowed to have a detailed analysis of the most crucial metrics and statics on your dashboard. Even the most recent actions performed by Dripify on your LinkedIn account are visible.

3. Team Management

Are you tired of managing your sales team and analyzing their performance through an excel sheet and other traditional methods? Then Dripify can be the solution to all your problems.

With this automation tool, the entire sales team of your company can be handled quite easily. Onboarding the team, assigning them a task, and analyzing their performance on LinkedIn, everything is just a click away and can easily be assessed through your control panel in Dripify.

4. Personal Inbox

Once your Dripify campaign is launched, communication between you and the prospects will automatically be established. Hence, it is pretty crucial to take action on time and ensure that the potential connections don’t get inactive.

Getting in touch with each of the leads individually sounds like a lot of work; well, not anymore; Dripify’s inbox tab displays all the conversations that are in an active state.

Your conversations can easily be filtered out in the form of important, unread, and archived. Hence, it is ensured that none of the texts go unnoticed and each of them is replied to on time.

With Dripify, you are also not required to be concerned about your privacy. The Dripify advanced safety feature ensures that all your and prospects’ data is totally secure and there are no chances of privacy breach.


The aim of this Dripify review was to help you decide whether or not this tool is worth a try.

The straightforward answer to this question is, “If you aim to leave behind your competitors and want your business to lead the market, incorporate Dripify in your LinkedIn automation.” The best part about this tool is it is elementary to use, and its interface is pretty easy to understand. Thousands of customers have posted words of appreciation for the software over various platforms and the software has also received a significant number of positive reviews.

Dripify pricing is also quite economical, which ensures that your pockets don’t get any lighter when you opt for its paid version.

So, there’s no need to think even twice before utilizing the tool for your business. However, if you are still not sure, go for its free trial and opt for the paid version once you are satisfied by its services.