How To Smartly Prepare For The NEET Exam?


The NEET exam is considered one of the most renowned and challenging medical exams. In India, it is the gateway to a career in medicine. Thousands of students apply for the exam each year, making it a very competitive exam.

To pass the exam, you must put in a lot of effort. The exam is not a piece of cake for you. Let us give you some advice on how to study for the test and ace it. But first, take a look at the NEET exam’s highlights.

What is the NEET exam?

The NEET (Nationwide Eligibility Cum Entrance Test) is a national medical exam. The National Eligibility Test (NEET) is a requirement for admission to medical universities in India. Every year, the National Testing Agency (NTA) conducts the test. The NEET test consists of 180 questions from each academic area, totaling 720 points. Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Zoology, and Botany are among the subjects covered on the examination. There are also negative markings on the exam. Lots of students register for the NEET test each year to pursue a profession in medicine.

It is now, more than ever, that you should begin your NEET preparation. Any further delay may result in a delay. NEET preparation necessitates effort and dedication. Year each year, the exam’s competition grows.

One must have the greatest approach to crack and qualify for a medical seat. A well-documented, personalized strategy that addresses all of your strengths and weaknesses may be quite beneficial. If you want to ace the forthcoming medical exams, keep these pointers in mind.

Tips to Crack NEET Exam-

  1. Become acquainted with the Syllabus-

The first thing applicants should learn is everything there is to know about the official NEET syllabus. The NEET syllabus is extensive. Aspirants may only prepare for NEET with ease if they are familiar with the NEET curriculum.

The NCERT Syllabus is also included in the NEET Exam. You will save time by not having to prepare comparable chapters individually if there are any. This will give you ample time to focus on the areas that haven’t been addressed before.

  1. Get Healthy Diet –

Maintaining a healthy diet is essential when preparing for a competitive test like NEET. To achieve physical and mental fitness, aspirants must eat a balanced diet. The more the brain is pushed to work, the more nutrients are required.

  • Iron-rich meals and vitamin B-rich foods can help your brain function better by supplying the nutrients it requires.
  • Sleep is also extremely important since it allows your brain to rest.
  • You will feel fresh and your performance will improve after a good night’s sleep.
  1. Revision –

Even if you think you’ve mastered a topic, idea, chapter, or subject, you should revise regularly. NEET preparation necessitates a lot of revision. Revision stands out as the most important since it aids in the recall of previously learned concepts.

  • Make sure to highlight essential and weak areas while editing.
  • Revise the formulas and the derivations of the formulas.
  • It’s possible that failing to revise before entering the examination hall may destroy all of your earlier efforts. As a result, ensure that you revise often and effectively before the exam.
  1. Make proper notes –

Preparing notes while studying is the greatest approach to enhance memory abilities. Candidates should make a copy of any relevant notes, which will be beneficial for revision before the examination and will save them a lot of time.  You may simply modify your work.

Writing down summaries while reading is a retention technique. To understand the concepts, use flow charts, diagrams, and short techniques. Make a note of the topic name and subjects so you can quickly refer to them before the exam.

  1. Attempt previous year papers and mock tests-

Candidates have three hours to complete 180 questions. This implies they can only spend one minute on each question. As a result, time management skills are required for the NEET Exam.

To increase their accuracy and speed, candidates should practice NEET sample papers and previous years’ exam papers. Solving previous question papers will also offer students an understanding of the question structure, question difficulty level, and chapter-by-chapter weighting in the test. Search for NEET 2019 PYQP Code P1 Solutions or something similar to get previous year papers with answer keys.

  1. Examine your mistakes and find solutions to your problems-

It’s no longer enough to test out mock checks. You want to go back and identify where you made a mistake so that you can clarify these concepts. You can accomplish this by checking reference books, lecturers, or the institute where you are studying for the NEET exam’s online lectures or reference notes.

This will help you grow and prevent you from repeating the same mistakes in the future. This task will also help you understand the idea, which will be beneficial in your future employment.

  1. Regular breaks

Because we are people, not robots, we require rest to return to work productively. Candidates should avoid studying for long periods, especially if the material is tough. According to experts, the human mind can only focus for a certain amount of time.

  • The students take a break regularly to clear their heads.
  • A ten-minute stroll, a trip to the gym, a discussion with friends, or just taking a short nap are all examples of breaks.
  • Candidates should schedule and take periodic breaks between study sessions to properly prepare for the exam.
  1. Some other tips-

The following are some other tips to crack the NEET exam-

  1. The NEET exam is entirely based on the NCERT curriculum. NCERT textbooks account for about 70% of the questions, thus applicants should not overlook them.
  2. When it comes to competitive examinations like NEET, applicants should make certain that they cover every topic on the curriculum.
  3. Social media should be avoided as a source of distraction. Also, keep yourself concentrated and motivated at all times.
  4. The efficiency of your learning process is determined by your mindset. You’ll feel less nervous and more receptive to new ideas if you have the appropriate mentality.


These were some pointers on how to perform well in the NEET test. This will assist you in developing a strong strategic plan as well as provide you with the fundamental dos and don’ts for your preparation.