How To Play Popular Online Game “Miniclips 8 Ball Pool” In Full Screen

8-Ball pool-Multiplayer

8 Ball Pool is one of the most popular snooker game in the entire world. It is also the most popular online game of Miniclip, the largest online gaming website in the whole world. By default you can play this game in small size on your web browser. If you want to play this game in full screen on your PC then follow some simple steps given in the below instructions.8-Ball pool-Multiplayer Try, It might work better with other browsers and screen resolutions.

Full Screen Instructions:

Step 1. First login using your user name and password or login via your Facebook account ID.
Step 2. Select 8 Ball Poool Multiplayer game.
Step 3. Before pressing “Play” button, go to Mozilla Firefox menu box.8-Ball-Multiplayer-Pool-2Step 4. Click Tool option and then select “Page Info” option.

Step 5. In “Page Info” select “Media Tab” and scroll down Adress as per given Image.[adsense]8-Ball-Multiplayer-Pool-3Step 6. Then copy object type link and past in new tab of your Mozilla Firefox browser and refresh link.

Step 7. When game will displayed on your browser then right click on the game and Click “Zoom In”

8-Ball-Multiplayer-Pool-4Step 8. Enjoy and play with your friend Full Screen 8 Ball Multiplayer Pool game.

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