How To Make a Diagnosis of a Pregnancy Test by the Medical Rules

This issue occurs if you want to make a diagnosis of pregnancy by the rules. Most women immediately wanting to know the test result cannot wait until morning. To understand the correct time of the test in the detection of pregnancy, it is necessary to understand its operating principle. When the fetus is implanted into the uterus, the woman’s blood begins the process generating a specific hormone Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (hCG). The presence of hormone indicative of the presence of pregnancy, thus the test aims to identify it. In other words, all the tests have a special coating that exhibits the response to hCG thereby providing two strips.Diagnosis Of A Pregnancy Test

According to many experts, diagnosis should be carried out only in the morning. It is even stated in the test instructions. This is due to the fact that testing brings the most accurate result in this period. At the highest level of hCG concentration was found in the urine of the morning. In fact the test can be carried out in different periods of the day, but it is possible that the result will be less reliable. Because in the early stages of pregnancy, the number of stored hormone is available in insufficient quantities. So it is advisable to carry out the test in the morning. It increases the chances of a correct diagnosis. [adsense]Some women spend diagnosis in the first trimester of pregnancy in the second half. Do it in the morning, during the day or evening. If you have been missed period then using the qualitative test, which is characterized by high sensitivity (10 mIU/ml). In the presence of pregnancy test will certainly confirm it. Their threshold helps to determine the concentration of hCG in the urine, even that which has been collected in the evening. That is the means by using Ultrasensitive test diagnosis can be carried out at different times of the day.