How to find out the area of a semicircle?


 The semicircle is normally considered to be the half of a normal circle and this will make sure that the semicircle will also have half of the area of the circle. Due to this particular point many students also get confused that its circumference will also be half of the normal circle but it is not so. To make any of the semicircles the diameter of the circle will remain normal and the individuals have to remove half of the circle along that particular diameter so that they can obtain a circle semicircle. On a general basis, the area of the semicircle will be the space contained by the circle and the area of the number of square units enclosed by the sides of that particular shape. The area of semicircle will always be expressed in square units depending upon the units utilised for the radius of the circle.

 The formula of the area of semicircle has been explained as follows: 

 The formula for the area of a particular circle that has been built around its radius will be utilised in terms of finding out the area of the semi-circle.

 The area of the semicircle is equal to pi into radius square/2

 To find out the area of a semicircle with a diameter the students need to divide the diameter by 2 to find out the radius and then apply the area of the semicircle formula to that particular radius. Some of the most commonly available semicircular objects in everyday life have been explained as follows:

  1. Some of the home furniture items or decoration items can be considered as semi-circular counters for example mirrors, tables, sofa, bench, even windows in some of the cases.
  2. Everyday objects like protractors, circle skirts, fans, and several other kinds of things.
  3. Food items that come in regular or cylindrical shapes also need to be sliced out to approximate semicircles for example half the pizza, half the slice of watermelon, and half the size of a cookie. 

 Following is the comprehensive process for the students to find out the area of semicircle perfectly without any kind of mistake:

  1. First of all the students need to find out the radius of the semicircle and for this purpose, they need to find out the radius of the main circle for the diameter of the main circle. When they have proper access to the diameter value then radius can be found by simply dividing it by the number two.[adsense]
  2. After this, the students need to find out the area of the full circle and divide it by two. The formula for finding the area of the full circle will be the value of pi into the radius Square. After utilising this particular formula one can reach out the exact value of the circle and then divide it by two. Another very simple way of calculating the area of the semicircle is to utilise the above-mentioned formula where the formula was simple for the area of a circle and was divided by two.
  3. After this, the students also need to remember that they must state the answer always in the unit Square because this will be a clear-cut indication that people are working with a two-dimensional object. If the answer will not be stated into the square units then it can lead to deduction of marks that too because of a very careless mistake.

 So, with the utilisation of the above-mentioned formula and process, the students can very easily calculate the area of semicircle whenever required in their day to day life. Also, it is the responsibility of the parents to enroll their children on platforms like so that they can learn the area of a circle formula, area semicircle formula, and several other kinds of formula without any kind of problem through the expert consultancy provided by the company. The experts will always help in handling the queries of the students very efficiently to ensure that they do not have any doubt in their minds.