How To Extract Microsoft Office, AutoCAD And HTML Content From A PDF File

PDF is for the most part a very satisfying document format to work with. It is compressed and you can’t accidentally delete information from it. PDFs always keep the formatting exactly as it was created in the original file, regardless of the type of software used to view it.
For this reason PDFs are used a lot in the professional and academic world. All kinds of spreadsheets, presentations and papers are stored in this form and shared across the Internet. However, sometimes it is not enough to only view the document. People also need to modify the files they receive. What they often need is some part of PDF content, such as a list of items in a column, certain article in a contract or an image that they want to use for an entirely new document or for uploading it in a web page.Able2Extract

[adsense]It would be great if content from a PDF could simply be copied and pasted into an editable file while preserving its exact formatting, but it is usually not possible. So, for this reason we have PDF converters that quickly extract and convert information that we need from a PDF.
We’ll show you how to selectively extract content from a PDF using one of the best tools for that purpose, Able2Extract PDF Converter 8.
1) First you need to download and install the free trial version of Able2Extract.
2) In the File menu click on the Open tab.01

3) Select any PDF from your computer folders.
4) Click Select → Area to choose the part of content you wish to extract.02

5) Go to the page you need and select the content for extraction using the mouse.
6) Now choose the type of output file format – Word, Excel, PowerPoint, HTML, etc. Click on it in the File menu.03

7) Save your extracted and converted content to your computer.
Able2Extract wonderfully preserves the fonts of a text, column and row layout of a spreadsheet, image graphics, it supports Asian languages, etc. It can be used for 7 days free of charge, allowing users to explore all its extraction, conversion, batch-conversion features, and more.