How To Disable Unwanted Advertisements And Browser Search Bar From uTorrent Manually

Torrent client is an important and necessary tool for everyone, who wants to download Games, Software, Book Videos, movies etc free of charge from Internet. Now a day uTorrent is well known as the best torrent client on the Internet and almost 100 million uTorrent users use for downloading the torrents. uTorrent official website provides utorrent client free  and Plus version. If you are using free version then in latest version 3.2.2 now coming with ads.

Disable Search Bar and Unwanted Ads During, and After Installation:

These unwanted ads in uTorrent is not looking good and bad experience for user. If you are a long time uTorrent user then you might have a problem with uTorrent try to use. Simply follow the below five steps as shown in images.[adsense]

Step One:

Step Two:

Step Three:

Step Four:

Step Five:

After this exit uTorrent from system tray and again restart ,  all unwanted ads and browser search bar etc will be removed, and enjoy the clean downloading.