How to Disable Restart Popup After Installing Updates in Windows 10

Disable Restart Popup

When you install Windows 10 updates it needs to be restarted so that updates do your work. You can restart windows 10 according to your convenience whenever you want. But Windows does not prevent you from recalling it again. You can cancel the restart option from ten minutes to four hours. If you want to stop this popup option, its temporary solution is to turn off the Windows Update service. For it, write “services.msc” in the RUN dialog box.After this action you will see the services will be displayed in the Microsoft Management Console. If you are using automatic updates and using Windows 7 or higher windows 10, then find the service called “Windows Update” and click Stop.[adsense]If you want to increase the postpone time limit, then you will need to change the group policy. Writing “gpedit.msc” in the RUN dialog box. In the open window, click Computer Configuration, then Administrative Templates, then click Windows Components and finally on Windows Update.
Find a Re-prompt for restart with scheduled installation of the options on the right and double-click on the Enable Radio button. Select the audio button. When you click the OK button by typing the custom time (Which can be at most 1440 minutes) in front of the restart minutes.